Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I had a few days of vacation other than the NYE/holiday break for the first time in a couple of years and spent quality time with mi loved ones. It was precious time.
To conclude the break, I was fortunate to see two of mi dear amigas yesterday and we watched the Mexico vs. Croatia game in the StreatFood corner at 11th and Bryant.

I drew Adrienne:
Ade, Declan y loud fĂștbol fans.
I drew this several hours after watching the MEXvsCRO game with Adrienne y Declan. Saw la CTX for a short bit too :)

I've tried to exercise my sketching process after the fact, just for fun and something different. I prefer doing people+places while present, however I often rather dedicate my focus and observations to simply enjoying the moments life gifts to one's day.
Just wanted to say hi, I'm here observing, often reading – but mostly eating.
Hope your corner of the world is treating you well.


  1. Good to see you sketching and posting again, however infrequently.

  2. Like the style of the drawing.

    Keep having fun doing what you love when you can.

    1. thx andy for your good words as always. happy 4th!

  3. Cool sketch. I'm really digging your street photography too...Here's hoping Mexico-USA meet in the semis!!!

    1. hi nathan! glad to hear from you and thanks :) yeah every match has been crazy close. hope mx+us gets at least into quarterfinals in 4 years! sigh..

  4. Very funny drawing. Not a big soccer fan but have enjoyed watching a few of the games. They are just awesome players!

    1. they make it look so easy! it has been a fun world cup, at least time-zone friendly :) thanks old dude + have a great weekend


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