Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nerd Invasion

While roaming around the Yerba Buena Gardens, I realized the Oracle convention is going on. That only means one thing: Nerd-traffic-congestion. Altogether. I don't really mind all the oraclelings around with their black portfolio bags, silly badges and bright red tarps, but I saw this display in the below image.
So many bikes and so little information! I think Oracle is up to something bikes-software... Maybe to get a smaller belly for all those computer programmers? or correct their posture? Team up with some kinda gadget phone? Will Bill Gates and Seinfeld be on a bike next? Argh, the security guard wouldn't let me ask or get closer either. Oh well.
There was also that nice photograph of the unicycle juggler around the green lawns. Nice!

Ready, set, connect. click for larger detail

skills! very nice outfit by the way.

bench hog

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