Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cop Diet Special

Finally made it out to Dynamo Donuts to check the craze. Lovely polaroid menu, a gorgeous La Marzocco espresso machine , french press options and very cutesy space. They carry Stumptown Coffee beans, which were previously carried by the oh-so famous Ritual Coffee (which now carry their own beans!) Stumptown Coffee Roasters is based out of Seattle & Portland.
Dynamo has been opened for a couple of months. I'm not a sweets-person, but the donuts go so well with the coffee. Donuts for $2ish dollars and plenty of cute chairs to chat. I tried a bite of the vanilla frosty one and the lemon-thyme one. Bike rack within a few feet.
Their ‹website› is just a map link (for now), so here is their ‹yelp› and their ‹7x7 review›


  1. These are yummy photos and not safe for viewing at midnight (as I am). I've just decided to ride to the new Italian bakery in the morning. I'd better go the long way. Great blog - I'll be a regular!

  2. yes so tempting!! oh italian deli's sounds like a great plan for lunch :)
    thanks for stopping by <3


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