Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photo del dia: Folding Coffee

DUDE 1. Hey dude, I think I'm liking this folding bike thing.
DUDE 2. Mmmh.
DUDE 1. Well, you know I can easily put it next to my desk, as I work 29 hours a day.
DUDE 2. Mmmh.
DUDE 1. I've ridden it so much I now have these cool knee holes in my jeans, you think they look trendy?
DUDE 2. Mmmh.
DUDE 1. And I also like this messenger like pack I got my computer in, better than your fancy computer bag.
DUDE 2. (silent)
DUDE 1. Oh man, this coffee is kinda good. Good call, I was tired of that conference drip coffee.
DUDE 2. Mmh.

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