Monday, October 13, 2008

Bikes of Palo Alto

A 40-minute ride from SF, on Caltrain and there I was in Palo Alto. A bike ride away and there's Stanford. And bikes everywhere. I was very happy to finally see a wide selection of the cute Simple City series. Looked familiar since I've seen it in San's blog.
This is Palo Alto Bicycles. Checked out their Rapha apparel, Women Swobo knickers (yes! finally got to see them!) & loads of Campagnolo goodies. Very good selection under one roof.

They also carry Kinetic Coffee beans from Arcata, CA. A little super cute hippie town up north.
Muy, muy nice. Bikes y coffee, always a plus.

(L) This is Arcata near the campus HSU in 2005 or 06. (R) Oh Humboldt is so pretty and very green. I love trees.

This. What is this? Is it a new city planning secret from street planners? Looks rad.
My eyes cant really read that far but it said something like 6ike tu63 -???-

and the Palo Alto caltrain stop.


  1. Very cool - I didn't know there was such a bicycle community in Palo Alto! My boyfriend was living near there two summers ago for an internship.

    And exciting on the simple cities!! I still haven't seen very many, only twice in a shop. I hope more people find out about them, its such an excellent bicycle :)

  2. Hi, Meli.

    Once again, excellent photographs.

    Loved the Simple City bike. Wish I would have known about it when I was shopping for a bike to haul my painting gear.

    Swobo knickers? Do tell...


  3. SAN/ yeah they are super cute! Palo Alto has such nice weather, many web companies and school brains. Nice place to roam (and mostly flat)

    LAVANNA/ thanks so much <3
    I first thought that the kaiser ad included the models, but I think is another brand. they do look super comfy!
    I was excited to see the swobo knickers as I consider it more loss a pretty local company with cool stuff. Not many shops in the city carry a wider variety in W's apparel. Always nice to consider, in case I do get around to go for longer rides, could hide under a dress for colder days and it's pretty well made (made is SF!) <3

  4. oops!
    *I consider it more LESS a pretty local company


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