Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Memorial Ride this Saturday

There was a memorial ride here in SF for Jordan McKay recently(SFwiggle images)
There is another coming up, pass the word if you or other riders are in the Cupertino area.
-Fatal accident/article SFGate- My heart goes out to anyone that has lost someone recently :(
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Matt Peterson & Kristy Gough Memorial Dedication & Ride*
Saturday, October 18th / 8-10AM, 7:30 recommend arrival, Cupertino Civic Center, 10350 Torre Avenue, Cupertino CA.
The City of Cupertino has graciously sponsored a permanent memorial in honor of Kristy and Matt at the site of their crash. There will be a memorial ride to the site of the plaque, followed by a brief dedication ceremony. On Sunday, March 9, 2008, two bicyclists were tragically killed in the foothills of Cupertino. Weather permitting, permanent memorials will be dedicated to Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson. Please join us for this brief ceremony as we honor the memory of our friends and family who have passed. Guests will cycle up McClellan Road to Stevens Canyon Road, near the site of the accident. Those driving by car should go directly to the memorial site, as the road will be closed to automobile traffic once the bicyclists get under way. Shortly after 9am there will be some brief comments and an unveiling of the plaques.

From the SFBicycle Coailition -chain of events-
* Events not officially sponsored or organized by the SFBC are marked with an asterisk.


  1. Boy does this stir up emotions and a moment of silence in our house. Matt used to be a team mate of H's. Very nice sentiment ~ our hearts will be there. Thanks for posting this.

  2. ♥ I'm sorry
    To hear these terrible losses hurts


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