Thursday, December 11, 2008

Separation Anxiety

The Frenchie is getting some serious pimped out labor. Time to show the smurfette some love. It has been a few months since it's gotten some fresh air. Will ride that for the next day or two.

This shop is cute and spotless, good customer service and great vintage posters - eye candy :)

Box Dog Bikes
494 14th st

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  1. your bike is SO RAD! i've seen a lot of mixte style frames and the details on yours are really unique. do you have a flickr site with more details? thanks for the post on our shop.


  2. ♥thanks so much!!
    I do love the little details it has been a great conversation starter. David took some pics here -vsgoliath- from gas free friday.
    I'll take a set soon, I keep meaning to ;)
    cheers & keep up the great work over at boxDog
    xo/ m


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