Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stop and smell the leaves

winter leaf


  1. That is just beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Great shot.

    OK I have to ask as much as I hate the question:
    Did you get a new camera since you first started this blog?

    ( I know its a bad question as I have so many pro photographer friends who get the question "Great pics; what kinda camera do you have?"

    One of my friends had the best response "Would you ask a Chef what kinda pots and pans s/he uses cause the food tasted great?!")

    I know its not the camera although it helps at times. These pics seem more vibrant; of course you need talent to start - which you obviously do have .

    - man

  3. MaryJo/ thanks;)

    whatIsaw/ heart♥!

    man/ thanks for your nice comments. I have used a Cannon sd400 (point+shoot) for a few years. Never really mess with the settings etc. til recently, and I have discovered what a different feature each one has to offer.

    I'm a color lover, silhouettes and shapes, and of course bikes. I could go on -
    I love taking pictures for fun and as a daily hobby♥. I'm glad you have enjoyed them so far ;)

  4. I love that it's a gorgeous nature shot with the city in the background... that just add so much to it.

  5. thanks satsuma! isn't fascinating seeing natural things and man made objects :)


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