Tuesday, December 30, 2008

With love from San Francisco, Happy New Year!

Big tree @city hall.

Best wishes for the year to come! 2008 kind of flew by. This year was the year when I officially declared myself both an early bird and a night owl. All I want all day is ride my bike, drink coffee and read the paper and books. Brave New Bike.
I don't have any resolutions because I don't remember them after January 2nd. Do you have any resolutions?
Party hard, or however you celebrate New Year's have fun. I'll be here in the city trying to stay out of trouble–or not♥
Thanks for reading this little hobby blog of mine, pleasure to meet you & looking forward to a smashing-spanking-new-2009!!

From AM to PM: An americano post holiday decorations at Four Barrel Coffee / Anchor Steam waiting for me

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  1. Hoping you don't stay out of trouble this new year's. That coffee looks wonderful--next time I'm in SF I will have to meet you for a cup!

    xo mjm

  2. My New Year's Resolution is not to make any resolutions ;-) It has worked for the past 30+ years LOL


  3. Happy New Year to you, Meligrosa. I tremendously enjoyed looking at all your cool photos, and felt motivated to wear less spandex when riding my grocery-getter bike on errands. Plus I found out about some great events (Tour de Cupcake, Chrome party . . .) from you. 2009 is going to be even better!

  4. My goal is to be more involved in formal bike advocacy... however I'll probably just continue with riding around in normal clothes.
    Love the shot in front of city hall.

  5. Happy New Year and thanks for all the fun photos. They keep me warm on these chilly winters nights.

  6. happy happy from toronto,

    landed on your blog from charlotte in boston... i love how you keep the freedom flowing in your writing and riding.


    Kael and Chiara.

  7. happy new year meli! thank you for your wonderful contribution to the blogosphere. i look forward to reading about all your adventures involving biking, coffee, y flirteando en 2009 ;)

  8. Cheers!

    To honor the new year, I think I'll take a look at my Life List and see how I'm doing!

  9. MaryJo/ I'll be more than happy to!

    2whls3spds/ ha! super :)

    Alison/ so nice♥ thanks so much!

    Samuel/ ride on - thanks!

    spiderleggreen/ nice!!

    yokota/ ;-)

    toronto bike chic/ aw thank you! I'm glad you stopped by. I'll be stopping by your blog often

    ridingPretty/ ♥cheers!!

    c_c Rider/ gracias love! happy09!!

    RJ/ nice!

  10. so i discovered this SUPER cute blog of yours <3
    it's very nice to see you *virtually*. HAPPY 2009!
    ~ sophia

  11. http://bicyclecoffeesystems.com/

    the tour du caffeine.

  12. hello sophia, yes happy 09 :)

    torontoBikeChic/ Nice!!!


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