Friday, January 2, 2009

Sweet Trio

Early mornings during holiday breaks are the best to find city streets pretty mellow and quite light in car-traffic. To start the year off, here are some my 3 favorites -caffeinated shots, boys & bikes.

Toasty bike / Washington st Clay st.

Cable guy / Post st.

Mellow Yellow / 8th st.

iHeadache 2.0 / Four Barrel Coffee

Above and below, taken @the Coffee Bar, same place from the recent post, Caffeinated Sky photo.

Since their opening, the Coffee bar has had pretty good coffee on a regular basis.
They use local Mr.Espresso beans, which is used in many, many coffee houses and restaurants throughout the city. This last time it was different, super-good different. Young nice lady informed me that they had changed their grinding method a bit. Plus I think she is great at what she does :)


  1. More great photos. I like the chairs at Four Barrel Coffee. They remind me of the stools at my old high school shop class.

  2. The last shot makes me kinda thirsty for that bitter brew. But I'm a tea guy(highly caffeinated is not a good thing for me). If I were in SF, I'd be biking over to Imperial Tea on Powell. That would be heaven!

  3. how is it that I just can't get over this City? That shot of Van Ness brings a tear to my eye. Thank you for living and sharing ~ it really keeps things dear to my heart. Happy, Happy, New Year melig! Ride on...

    ps that new camera is doing you well!

  4. san/ thanks!

    ratTrap/ so cool woodshop! they have some nice pieces there.

    spiderleggreen/ that's good to know. see, tea spots are something in a total diff. language to me ;)

    sigrid/ aw!! you're very welcome♥ & yes, it's a fun new gadget

    wwToast/ do'h

  5. coffee and bicyles... a wonderful combination. cherry bomb here in toronto hangs vintage bicycles on their main wall... the bicycles rotate from time to time...

    beans and bikes..

    happy new year!

  6. thanks! that place sounds nice ;) &yes happy 09!!

  7. Tea is different language. Tea is to coffee, as wine is to beer. Tea and coffee don't mix. The coffee smell is absorbed by the tea.

    ps. spider leg green tea

  8. ha!! a coffee lover would say the same thing, viceversa. good nickname ;) LOL

  9. I'm not dissing coffee. It's just a different experience from tea. I like people who can appreciate what they like. Like bikes!

  10. these are beautifully taken!

    and with a compact digital it seems~


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