Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weekend sunset

-Berkeley, Calif.-

good routine

chik chik


(To Jeannie, & anyone interested):
The old camera was a Canon PowerShot SD400. 4ish-years old I dropped left&right a million times, the battery held very little but I liked it. I might use it again for a future quick international trip (it's pretty compact & convenient) Details on that later.
This new macchina fotografica
is also a point-&-shoot Canon PowerShot SD990 IS. I'm not a photographer, but LOVE bikes, coffee, colors, typography, people, and to capture them has become my daily visual hobby. It has many new features, like high ISO for quick capture, digital macro and other gadgety goodies. I've enjoyed it very much, so far. Thanks for your interest & enjoying my city treks with it—Cheers!


  1. these are fantastic photos!! i love all the red and yellow hues - are the leaves just now falling there?

  2. Isn't it interesting how Bike Route signs make you feel happy. Maybe not for everyone... but they give me that same feeling that I had as a child going into Disneyland... like a big sign that says "Unlimited fun ahead"

  3. loving the colors.. canon cameras are great.. i need a little carry everywhere camera... if you get any cute photos of bikes and cafe's we also have a coffee cafe blog.


    drop by for a cup

  4. Hola, Love your blog and photos you post. Blog on and Happy New Year!

  5. Beautiful photos! I've missed your site while I was sick but will be back now :)

  6. Hi, Meli.

    Love your sense of color.

    Are you coming to SXSW in Austin, by any chance?

  7. Hooray thanks for the details! I know a great photographer makes the photos ;) but I figure I can at least get started with a camera that someone who takes fabulous photos uses!
    Also because I read other blogs about bikes and people and some of their captured photos (of ppls on their bikes) aren't as crisp as yours. I'll have to figure out those type of settlings me-self, too.

    Hope your new year is going swell! Thanks again!

  8. San/ it was kinda leaf-y like that, certain areas were pretty fall-ish looking. Im not in Berkeley much at all but the colors out there this time of year are just great.

    Samuel/ yes I feel the same way too! I find it poetic, when surrounded by trees and sun♥ Here's an older post

    Chiara/ thank you! and yes, lovely blog you got there, we speak the same language!! cheers ;)

    CyclingTeacher/ Likewise, thanks!

    MaryJo/ aww! new year, new healthy you, big hug from the city!!

    Lavanna/ thanks for your always lovely comments. I'd love to! this year that, or ACL would be awesome. I'll keep you posted.

    Jeannie/ you're very welcome ;)
    I'm still learning/figuring out some settings and what it means to be very curious about them. But it's fun to mess around w/them. I'm happy you enjoy them, thanks for your sweet comments♥

  9. I just love the colours of autumn leaves

  10. Wow, Autumn leaves in January.

    Made me think about classic Meligrosa boot shot, but in snow, which is what you'd be shooting in, out here in Minnesota winter. ;) Maybe you wouldn't be able to see the boots! Ha


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