Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photo del Dia: Basket Case

In front of the SF MoMA. So many wonderful details. I just wanted to hug this bike :D

un coche menos

queen of the bikeneverse


  1. Holy cow, I think I'd have to wait around to see this person. This could be me in 20 years (but with Smurfs and Playmobil)! Nice one!

  2. and I thought the stickers on my bar bike were impressive...

  3. YEA cool bike! If I may ask, what model was your old camera? And your new one? Your photos are so awesome! I'm looking into buying digital, so I'd like to know what you have!

  4. Hola Hermosa, te deseo un Feliz Ano Nuevo. Por favor busca my Blogger site: The Art of Jose Medardo Lopez
    no he terminado y planeo poner muchas mas fotos.

  5. lynn/ watchout! the velosmurf is coming!!!

    samuel/ right?! so crazy good

    Jeannie/ aw, thanks. I just finished writing a little post for it

    el guapo/ Gracias!! I'll bookmark it :)

  6. That bicycle basket could be in an "I-SPY" book!


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