Sunday, March 15, 2009

Corner Cup

Corner capp /Coffee Bar
Speaking of Mission coffee houses , join the F.U. Recession brought to you Four Barrel Coffee on Valencia:
Every Monday (til April 20th) from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Four Barrel is handing out free cups of Joe in what Tooker calls his "F.U. Recession" giveaway _more via SFweekly


  1. Free coffee tastes even better if you buy an apple bacon donut to go with it!

  2. That is great framing! Another photo that almost tells a story, like you've been sitting there sipping your coffee slowly while staring at the guy, who is oblivious to anything but his laptop. Refill please!

  3. Free coffee? That's just another good reason to come out to SF!

  4. adrienne/ I know right!? I like the pistachio lemon, or something green like that.

    Lynn/ yea, it is nice see people in their cyberbubble sometimes, from my coffee-bubble

    SpiderLegGreen/ ...

    Samuel/ Coffee is an excellent bike fuel -except for spiderlegGreen, powered by tea-


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