Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Momma said bike you out

The wonders of the internet. Last week, I met up with the coolest mom on wheels around the city. We chatted, ate some yummy crepes and of course coffee, over at a cozy spot in the city. Busbozo has a very inspiring flickr stream that makes me smile all the time.
Her bike is a Batavus Socorro. Which she said to be the yacht of bikes. Next time I'm going to just hop on and try it, looks super comfy! It's like a swiss army knife ride, coffee holder included nonetheless, and a nice child seat included for her heartbraker-to-be, riding with her everywhere around the city. Ride on, lovely duo! It was great meeting you.

- ♥!! -


  1. Her child is so adorable! It must be so much fun having a mom who totes you around the city bike-style. Doesn't it sometimes make you wish you were small enough to do that, sit in those little seats? hahaha

    Although I'd eventually tire and want to pedal!
    Thanks for sharing, as always.

  2. Wonders of the Internet, indeed. Busbozo is one of my most prolific Flickr contacts--I can't keep up with her photostream! As busy as she is, I can't imagine how she has time to take all those great photos. I can't get over how we all seem to "meet" in different places across the Interwebs.

  3. I really like those Dutch bikes. Nice picture of mom and child. They both look really happy.

  4. What do you mean: Heartbreaker to be? He looks like a heartbreaker to me already. :-) Adorable. And the bike is great. I had one of those back in Berlin, different brand but same saddle, frame and handlebar.

  5. Wonderful photo of Busbozo and her child, nice bicycle as well! It must be so much fun to meet up.

  6. Great pics meli! i need a seat just like that for my little heart breaker to be! i'll have to ask her where she got it...Moms on wheels rock!


  7. I believe I had the pleasure of meeting this lady at the SF Tweed Run. We spoke of how utility bikes turned off aggression in motorists and how much fun and stylish they were. Full of energy and creativity. Such bike events draw the coolest riders together!

  8. love the shots u took :) Cheers from Malaysia...

  9. Fun!! Doesn't that picture make you want to have a kid? Maybe it's just me :)

  10. Jeannie/ yes it must be awesome! I think he really loves it

    Thom/ yes, no kidding! she is a master of all trades. seriously

    RatTrapPress/ They are super fun duo

    Groover/ Oh Iknow-Iknow, you're right♥!!

    RidingPretty/ it was very nice, yes ;)

    ChiaraKael/ super! moms on wheels rock

    Joe/ Very cool. Yes I couldn't agree with you more, events do bring the bike community together throughout the years :)

    Riezal/ Thanks! Greetings to you too

    Dottie/ haaa! you funny girl

  11. Yay for Batavus riders! Such a lovely bike and great accessories. Hope one day when I have a child accessory I will still be on my bike. :)

  12. Trisha/ ♥! That'd be so much fun


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