Monday, March 2, 2009

Two is better than one

What to do with a tandem? Drag as many friends as you can and go ride.
Before I returned the tandem on Saturday, we had to go for a morning coffee ride & some food. I finally got to ride the back of the tandem and it was pretty cool!
You can even let the handlebars go and carefully snap some pics, or do whatever. Not so nice I guess, in case you like to be in control of speed, brakes and direction... Anyways, 24 hours of the tandemlicious session were up, but those things are sure loads of fun.

Who's next?



Harrison st.

- til next time tandem -


  1. Looks like so much fun! Love your skirt too.

  2. Meligrosa, you are pretty awesomely cute.

  3. I'm awed that you managed to borrow a tandem in the same shade of blue as your usual ride. That way it matched all your usual outfits!

  4. This looks so fun--and great pics--especially that last one. You are the stylish bike woman extraordinare! :)

    xo mjm

  5. great collection of images!

    lots and lots of great images

    and great links to

    happy to see your sister site in France

    Bikes in the City!

  6. am so loving the tandem pics.. I need to go find one..

  7. i really really love los jarritos. i think SF should have more (sit down) mexican places like that.

    and love the tandem! i think i have to check one out. looks like so much fun.

  8. Me encanta tu falda, muy guapa para montar en bici :-D me he pedido una bicicleta por mi cumpleaños, de paseo y con una cesta metálica

  9. Cute, cute skirt! And the tandem looks like so much fun. I would be more than happy to be on the back, pedaling away and snapping photos, maybe drinking a coffee and letting the person in the front navigate. :)

  10. I've had a few people say that my husband and I should get a tandem. I think it sounds like a great way to start a lot of bickering, but your pics make it look fun :)

  11. ridingPretty/ thank you! - it was

    Larry/ thanx ;D

    Alison/ you know, that's a great observation, til now I realized!! ♥Blue bikes everywhere

    maryJo/ thanks much! luv-

    gawdzilla/ glad you enjoy it, thanks for the kind words :)

    chiaraKael/ watch out, after checking this one out, I'd highly consider getting me one...

    theCalitexican/ I know right!? that place is bomb (and they have nopales!)

    joshYlola/ wow, fabuloso! me imagino tu y tus raybans dando la vuelta, sera super :)

    trisha/ yes, you have an excellent vision of it, I love it!

    Dottie/ aw, thank you! that'd be so cool, you'd be a lovely duo on wheels! or even to renting one, it'd be a blast, guaranteed -

  12. Very funny about the backseat driver. Maybe they could make one with the wheel in the back. :)

  13. like a triple wheelie thing? thatd be cool +comfy, make the front person work it...


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