Monday, April 6, 2009

Citizen Saturday

After our coffee fix, we rode around for awhile and then made a pit stop at Citizen Chain, one off my fave spots in North Beach.

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  1. adorable dress and photo of you ♥

  2. I really love your blog, and am excited to see that you have those fabulous shoes! I just wore my pair yesterday, but haven't ventured to bike in them yet.

  3. Me encanta tu vestido, es precioso.Y los zapatos! No serĂ¡n de Ambiance?? me encanta esa tienda

  4. Did the dress come with the bike? ;) Stylish!

  5. As always, I want your shoes! Did I miss the post where you shared where you got them, or do you and Adrienne just think alike? :)

  6. Tu siempre te miras guapisima en tus fotos chica. Continua el buen trabajo con tu blog, you siempre lo visito.
    Ciao Chica.

  7. Riding pretty/ oh thank you kindly!

    Adrienne/ ♥Thank you! Makes me happy and it is always very nice to hear from new readers enjoying the blog! & aren't those shoes just so comfy? ;)

    Sigrid/ Twin? you mean the pictures :P they were both taken on the weekend pre-coffee and post coffee ha!

    joshylola/ no recuerdo donde los compre! pero, si estoy de acuerdo ambiance tiene una muy buena y coqueta seleccion!

    spiderLegGreen/ haa! that's cute. you know they are most likely from the same year...

    trisha/ well I might do one soon, I also got some emails asking details(!)
    So funny I cant remember where I got them almost 2yrs ago. They're jeffrey campbell and super comfortable!

    jose/ ah muchas gracias! aprecio las visitas y comentarios
    Saludos :)


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