Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Fix On The Block

Live coffeestrong.
After a long wait, the Blue Bottle's newest location has finally opened. Full of caffeinated zombies willing to wait for a dose of the fix, including myself of course. It opened on April 2nd and it's looking pretty good. I hear that in the near future they will also have food. Cheers. /Inside the Ferry Building.

I'm personally on a tulip kick. But these do the trick. Flowers are pretty!

Gibraltar. Smell it via blogesphere ;)



Well, and I just thought this guy was cute with his fruit preserves or something like that.


  1. Place looks like it has a lot of character already.

    Love your dress, is it thrifted?

  2. These are great photos, you really captured the light. And how cute are you with that T sign in the background--love those shoes!

    xo Mary Jo

    p.s. email me your addy so I can send you a little something for doing that gray post, okay?

  3. Hola, muchas gracias por el comentario en mi blog, me encantó aquel gesto.

    Bueno yo hace unos dias atrás llegué a éste blog y me hice seguidora de inmediato, me gustó mucho todo y me encantaron las fotografias, me dieron muchas ideas nuevas.

    seguiré visitando el blog!

    Saludos desde Santiago de Chile.

  4. Hi, I've been following this blog for a while and I love all your pictures.

    I am headed to San Francisco in May to visit a few friends and I was wondering if you might be able to help me hook up with a bike to borrow while I'm there for 3 days or possibly direct me to someone who might?


    There may be shoes in the deal for you.

  5. Mmmm Blue Bottle. Trouble and BB are among my favorites. Right now I'm wishing Blog-O-Smell really did work.

  6. Cool that BB got their own place in the Ferry Building. I miss my ceremonial salty caramel from Recchuitti. Lovely post!

  7. thanks Dottie! It is quite the spot ;) The dress is from the 70s, I think. I got it at a Vintage store a number of years ago.

    Mary Jo/ wow how exciting, really?
    ♥I feel so special. T is for thanks a ton!!

    Francisca/ que dulce! gracias, el placer es mio ;)

    Nicole/ okay, sounds good. I'll get in touch with you soon. Thanks for dropping by!

    Harry H/ Excellent!

  8. Patrick/ Thank you!
    Yes isn't it? Such great addition for all great local things under one roof.

  9. Hey chica, it's Cuestaray from flickr! Love ur blog <3 U can check out mine here

    btw thanx 4 ur visit today!

  10. my boo will be happy to know this is open. we always have a hard time finding him the nayarita beans during the weekends. he usually has to "settle" for the chiapas 1/2 pounder.

    lovelovelove the shoes!!!

  11. mel,

    That place looks great! And so do you!


  12. lagelle/ holaaa! oh thanks so much, I had just put 2-2 together. love it!

    the calitexican/ ♥thanks! shoes travesuras-proof :)
    I've been meaning to try the nayarita!! I always see plenty at Linden but certainly the weekends is a diff. game. Well, you know this location is open til 6 or 7pm m-f I think.

    miss sarah/ you're very sweet, thanks so much!


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