Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trust your blogesphere

Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting in person with Mary Jo, from the always inspiring site Trust your style!
She is a fashion designer and does great fabric-pattern design (remember this cute little one!) We enjoyed some lunch at the ferry building, some coffee and then off they went to check out some museums and good relaxation spots around, perfect for a 3-day weekend. I'm very happy we got a chance to meet up. Mary Jo has been a reader of this blog since its beginnings. I've followed her posts for about a year or so. It is pretty amazing how the web brings people together.
♥It was lovely meeting you!! & Danny too ;)
/photo via trustyourstyle.com


  1. How nice to meet up! I bet the two of you really had fun sharing all your fashion inspirations with each other.

  2. Meli, it was great to meet you too! One of the high-points of the weekend! Next time I will have to borrow a bike and take a tour with you.

    xo Mary Jo

  3. thx shelly - mary jo is full of beautiful clam energy ;)

    mary Jo - likewise, yes It was wonderful. and yes bikes next time either uphere or down by the beach /xo.m

  4. I hope we'll meet too one day as my visiting SF is an inevitability. You will likely tower over me... perhaps that day you wear flats and I wear heels? However, if were both on bike it won't matter:)



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