Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tandemtastic times!

deep orange, butterfly and butterfly head.
Friday afternoon, deep and I decided to finally get our tandem tango on. We had planned forever, but somethings happen better on the go. Anyhow, we met up to go for a ride, decided to put our bikes down and picked up the tandem. Did a little mural loop around the Mission, looking for deep's new background phone picture ;) stopped by Anthony's cookies for himself and got me some four barrel coffee. Then we people watched at the park, Omar joined us and chatted some more. Not bad for a fine Friday afternoon.

Schwinn is swooon! /24th st.

tandem panda


The coolest thing about tandem's is people smiling. Tandems make people happy, and being the chatterboxes deep and I are, we came across Sophia. She was taking pictures in one of the allies. She said she hadn't ridden a bike in years. So deep said, 'Okay, that's it - I'm taking you for a spin!' and there you have it. They went around the block and it was very cool, Sophie stay in touch okay!!

Deep and Sophia

The lovely Anthony and his cookie crew. Anthony's cookies will soon carry four barrel coffee.
Now, my non-sweettooth-self will be able to join my cookie monster friends -Nice!

so after the cookie pit stop, we stopped for coffee. /four barrel vip parking

Rolling with my boys.

& three bikes take three park naps //The end.


  1. That was a cute story and sweet blog. :-)

  2. Great pics! Thanks for being a good Bicycle Ambassador.

  3. thx freth :-p

    spider/ thats very sweet of you, thank you!! <3


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