Sunday, August 9, 2009

LA: The LBC - laid back

I wasn't sipping on gin and juice, but saw some cool bike stuff around Long Beach.

Long beach bike shop. A tiny old mom&pops bikes shops.

time to go ride


How cool is this trike!? trikeasaurus long lost cousin :)

This piece, seen at Beatrock. Nice spot to check out.


  1. I used to live in Long Beach - I know that bike shop well. You should have stopped into the bar next door - Thirsty Isle. It's a bit dirty and grimy, but they have great bar good, cold beer, and real shuffleboard. Oh how I love the LBC, and your blogtastic pictures!

  2. No way! that is pretty cool :D
    thanks so much Joshua for your nice comments & for stopping by /Cheers (and have one for me next time at the thirsty isle!)


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