Sunday, August 9, 2009

LA: Flying pigeon & bike oven

bike oven
The nice peeps at the bike oven even offered to lend me a bike, but I will take them up on it next time I visit. It was great meeting them, they even let me take a peak inside, though they were closed. Seems like a very cool place to get your bike going, repaired and meet other people.


I also stopped at the Flying Pigeon LA, which I had initially discover via this article from the WSJ. If I was on meli-time I would had waited around for longer, but unfortunately they were out delivering bikes. Do your thing, Im sure they're doing great. Awesome little spot with a great selection from what I've heard from peeps and read online.



  1. Too bad we missed you on your latest LA trip!

    Next time give us a head's up so we can be ready to show you the neighborhood and get some raspados.


  2. hey adam!! you know thanks for the comment & uyy! raspados, if I wouldve known that Id be in LA that day, totally would've given you all heads up ;) soon, my lovely flying birds, soon

    xo/from the bay


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