Monday, August 24, 2009

Post-food food.

Sounds insane, but after Street food fest, we were hungry for more... Well riding around, hangin out with friends, catching up with peeps, riding all over for coffee requires some major weekend nutrition. What can I say.

if street foods wasnt enough, we had to make a secondary lunch.
Apple goat cheese pizza a 2x americano and some good wired reads.
WHy is brad pitt everywherrrrreeeeeeee?!

Lately, the theme seems to be closed-eyes. Cloud we made with picnick.

So later in the afternoon, the coffee tank was running on E, so we stopped at Atlas Cafe. There was a cute trio singing. There's also bluegrass music every Thursday night, which I have not been in years, but having some pizza with live mellow music on Saturday was a treat. Cheers!

basket lane
Basket lane. 'Til next time ;D



    are you for real.. sounds YUMMY!

  2. How fun!! And looks delish!
    There's another foodie festival in town next week :D i think it's called the Eat Real Festival in Oakland. :)
    Hope you can make it!

  3. Wow that meal looks delicious!!

    Love your outfit too!

  4. xander N'Dante/ oh yea. atlas is one of my fave spots around that area <3

    Jeannie/ yes, yes. noted in the previous post. will try to make it ;D

    Christine/ oh thank you dear!!


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