Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday street heaven.

This Saturday, the Mission's area of 25th & Folsom, converted itself into a food beautiful chaotic orchestra with a moving sea of people, a myriad punching smells going through your nose and your stomach really not knowing what to do with it all. The San Francisco Street Food Festival had an amazing turnaround, the vendors kept saying, was way more than they had expected. Great cause, excellent collab. If you missed it or found yourself impatient, don't worry - there will be more happening with our neighbors across the east bay soon:
"The festival is a sister event to the Eat Real Festival, which will be taking place in Oakland's Jack London Square August 28 through the 30, 2009."
But, that said it was worth the wait, I think so. We were very-very hungry by the time we were closer to ordering, but very enjoyable. It was a bummer though, that they ran out of whatever beer was meant to be sold (tickets were $5 each) and ended up replacing it with cans of budlight... Anyways.
There was also the lush bike love aka bike valet parking provided by the SF Bike Coalition. Swoon!!

A bientot!

Two seconds ago, there was the cutest chihuahua in the cutest pannier.

'almost' there... Okay this crowd, multiply it by 12. Peoplesesesesses

Worth the wait.
huarache de nopalitos con crema. 2x.
This above is from El Huarache Loco. I love nopales, & it had been awhile I hadn't had any huaraches (think of a thick tortilla 2x with beans in the middle) in a while and it is a sweet reminder to get out to the Alemany farmers market more often, which is where you can find them every Saturday.
Good times!


  1. "Two seconds ago, there was the cutest chihuahua in the cutest pannier."

    Someone please get that woman a set of handlebar grips, what she has now is a metal pipe weapon waiting to gouge someone.

  2. love the idea but this was the worst execution i've seen in sf so far. como se dice "clusterfuck"?

  3. Looks so fun ... and now I'm hungry. I need to get out to some Chicago summer street fairs before it starts snowing again!

  4. huaraches.... yuuuuuummmm! My favorite are from "√Čl Huarachae Loco" at the Alemany Farmer's Market!

  5. hi, meli

    Que hambre me dio ese huarache! se ve demasiado rico! voy a hacer lo posible por probarlo. :D

    excelente paseo y como siempre muy lindas fotos.


  6. BG's Blog/ wowza. just noticed those sharp fangs...

    anonymous/ you crack me up. yea the crowd and hungry people were quite intense, though that didnt bother me as much as people not picking up after themselves. watup.

    Dottie/ oh that sounds yummy, Im sure youll show us fab pictures as always ;)

    ade/ we're on. ill join you, havent been in maybe a year...

    Francisca/ hola hola!! oh muchas gracias, como siempre tan linda.
    si los huaraches son bastantes practicos para no llenarse tanto y seguir haciendo travesuras ;)
    un abrazo

  7. That looks delish! Wish they had something like it right around here! Come to think of it, I end up making stuff like that a lot for lunch...hope you are well dear!


  8. mary jo/ Im sure there are some foodie events around there, end of summer calls for it. take a look at greenLAgirl blog, she has always a ton of events around (maybe you've heard of it?!) xo.m


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