Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor day weekend on wheels

With the Bay Bridge closed, there is no reason for people to explore other 'alternative' ways.
The closure of Sunday Streets is today. I can't believe this will be the 6th and last this year. I remember the first one in 2008, feels like it was not so long ago. It sure has been tons of fun and a great way to go since it's start last year (with only two dates)
This year the event covered 4 areas of the city (Embarcadero, 3rd Street, the mission and ocean beach) and that was jsut great. I sure hope that next year this happens even more and in new neighborhoods because the impact Sunday streets has on local businesses, peoples perspectives and living the day in a different environment, is very positive.
So, Ocean beach tomorrow. It will be pretty fun, swing by to say hi, I will be at the SFBC booth in the AM :)

One less 6 cars, dan makes it happen / Sunday Streets - June 7th

Then on Monday is the Giro di SF at the Levi Strauss plaza. Fancy lycra, muscle leg boys and fast bikes, you bet I'll be there.

Women's race.
I took these two images at the Giro di SF, Sept 2007.
My camera a tad too slow for these speed demons :)

Men's race.

Now get off the interwebz and go ride, see boys & girls, drink some coffee - GO!!!!!


  1. I like the last shot because 1. there are lycra boys on bikes and 2. There is a Roaring Mouse mate front and center.♡ Glory to the Mouse!

    Have a great Holiday Weekend meli!

  2. Oh awesome!! I see their team kits all over the bay area, they seem like a cool crowd ;)
    will post some from this year soon
    Cheers! xo-m


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