Friday, October 16, 2009

10 days until Unite Bike SF!

Don't forget to RSVP!! Mark your calendars, if you haven't :)
Come out, join your fellow SF riders, photo time. Good times
«Here is a video» from the one in MSP, 2008.

Sunday October 25th, in San Francisco

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  1. fun video ~ I never saw it! no idea they were filming last year! I'm in it...see the guy at the beginning pumping up his tire in the green sweatshirt? I'm to his left - he is using my pump. The gal later in the red scarf was sitting to my right. Sadly I did not make it this year. Next year... Have fun!!!!

  2. Im so glad you went last year thogh - Clark has great energy and momentum. Good things coming his way +the bike community - everywhere, I can feel it
    cheers/ and always nice to hear from you


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