Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things and Thoughts on Thursday

Humid as hell.
The heat in the Fall season brings people out. About.
On my Thursday city stroll, there was 2 women making out with their workclothes still on. Maybe their break.
3 streets down, 2 roomates having a beer in their garage.
Kids buying popsicles at the corner store.
A few big loud spinner-wheel things SUVs, perhaps looking for the reggaeton spot.
A number of people on bicycles pass by.
Few people heading to Bimbo's 365, a few off-season tourists thinking to themselves, that this indeed, is the best time to visit SF.
Rocket Dog rescue had an evening event at the corner of 18th and Castro. So many cute dogs, so many ooohs and aaahs.
There are people sitting in their steps rite off the street. Appears to be some kind of soda commercial and all I need is seeing some graphics floating around.
Even though, we had a crazy storm 2 days ago «link»
Some streets around the city are recently repaved and feel like a silky new bike lane, only, it doesnt say so -yet-
The humidity is reflected on my skin, I feel like I'm in the south west of Mexico during March.
The Dodgers are playing the Phillies and I'm having an anchor. I dont think anyone cares.

The night is dark, clear and the weather is still in the mid 60°s.

Transamerica and a humid night.
Transamerica and a humid night. /Columbus st. in North Beach


  1. Meligrosa,
    Very beautiful thoughts and things. I admire your
    writing. Have a great weekend.
    Jon C.

  2. you definitely capture the city, sister.

  3. Jon C. / thanx for the kind words ;)

    Peter (G?!)/ gracias, much

  4. Ode to YOUR landscape. ;)

  5. RJ/ here for when you visit us ;)


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