Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mug shot.

This lovely coffee mug is a gorgeous creative treat by a new friend & artsy funky gal -Nadege hits the nail on the head. Merci beaucoup!!

Detail 1 -
frenchie - hearts - velcro LOVE!!!!
♥ Detail 2 -priorities
The city. Hills, butterflies and cafe pit-stops.


  1. cat love! very cool!

    BTW~ the word verification for this comment is catedsh. Very auspicious!

  2. Catedsh- after you wash the catedsh make sure you don't forget the catecupish.

    Mine is "rodes"- There are many rodes we may travel, but we never forget about the cat.

  3. Are cups like those available for sale on Etsy? My sister would dig something like that.

  4. You designed this cup? I will need a black cup so I can draw a white cat!
    Word: unsif

  5. spiderlegreen + Ade/ thanks!! and for visiting. Those word verification things are kinda of a pet-peeve of mine, but I started getting a tremendous attack of spam trolls recently, nice that at least they are funny! :D

    san smith/ thanks love, such a lovely surprise.

    Joshua is me./ I think my friend must have bought one of those 'draw-on-porcelain' kits. She draws all the time ;)

    KT/ This is all my friend's drawings babe!!
    +yes, Cloud would be happy to see a black on white :D


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