Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bikes and the gobble.


What do I get excited about this time of year. Family, coffee, music, local holiday beer and kickin it with my peeps.
This bicyclette year rocked.
The energy the city emulates has kept me going with a full tank of pedals, photos and good times. Meeting new good friends, reconnecting with old, food, coffee and bikes and coffee and boys.
Love you all.
Thanks for reading. /xo♥meligrosa--------------------

Get excited.
Get excited.
Hi Beans. Say hello to my little new friend.
Hi Beans. Say hello to my little new friend.
We are at it again.
We are at it again. /30mi. ride to the Mill Valley-Muir Beach 4 points.
Friend At My Side
Friend At My Side /On Alemany

Above and below photos by busbozo
Falling Down
Falling Down

can't believe it's been a year. Keep them coming, life.
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  1. it has been such a good, and quick (!!!) year. much love! hugs -the ladee caliteximexi.

  2. It shows what's so beautiful about this blog.
    The bridge , afternoon and you guys.
    jon .c

  3. And Happy Thanksgiving to you! Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Although it's not celebrated in England, I will still be thankful for this past year :) cheers! Auguri! L ♥

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! A good year.

  6. happy thanksgiving meli.

    a really awesome site. keep the bike and coffee love flowing! maybe i'll see you on the marin pavement one of these days.


  7. Thanks for sharing...nice activity

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. I love the special labels of Anchor's Christmas offerings. Very cool arbor drawings. I'll have to join you for a ride when I'm up there after Christmas.

  9. thank you everybody for stopping by and your awesome comments. They are the blissful fuel to this blog.

    Many thanks & much love ♥meli


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