Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bread and butter.

Today Wednesday is what I like to call the mid-week detox ride enjoyment happy bliss. I sound like an optimistic fool but it really is. Riding Butterlap on Wednesday nights is very therapeutic and energizing. I will not make it tonite, I've got a volunteer party event, but I will more than likely be there next week. Last week I met a few of new riders and it was really great. The weather at this time of the year is just about right. Here are some pictures from September 30th, when still chased after the sun before dusk. The tremendous lighting throughout the park were from the setting-up crew for a park festival - I think it was for the Outside Lands festival.

Butterlap | Meets every Wednesday night 7PM Ferry Bldg. Previous map post here»

We're here.
We're here. That white light is a bike light passing by :)
Stop +go panda.
Stop +go panda. Omar and I near the Legion of Honor.
panhandle. Hi Matthew
Look behind you.
Look behind you. /Caitlin, Devin and May.
sasha brightness
sasha brightness. we felt like Hollywood superstars with those mega lights
bluegrass set ups
bluegrass set ups. thanks for the light, but we still prefer moonlight.
Wait at the corner
Wait at the corner. At Bender's - The end.


  1. This looks so pretty and relaxing. I think I need to find a Weds ride!


  2. Peace Devin:

  3. Perfect pics for our contest at


  4. mary jo/ I can see you styling, of course!!

    eric/ far out!!

    Bikejuju/ oh yes, thanks for the reminder. Very cool contest btw :D


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