Friday, November 13, 2009

Come as you are.

Often an invitation to casual attire, often an attitude, often a thought. In the last few weeks I've had long days of work and long nights of play. Weekends cannot come any sooner. I have met lots of new people, halfway around the block and halways around the globe. Copenhagen, London, North Beach, Long Beach.
Reconnected with many friends, missed many calls, replied to many texts. What keeps you going? Is it the weekend? Is it the night time? Is it the morning coffee? Your kids? Your dates?
I could easily say I await extremely patiently for the end of the day to go riding again, though I love riding the city at 7am as much as I do at 10pm. I ride during lunch, I think during lunch.
How do people unwind? Everyone has a story, everyone has stress, everyone finds a way to complete themselves. And it is not about the bicycle, it is how you see yourself in your community, your place, your home.
With the recent madness about the Bay Bridge and its decay, the economy, and all things that could go wrong, how do people keep their cool?! Do we really thrive to live as if there is no tomorrow? Do we take our time and savor every instance. Questions that sometimes are better answered within and digested with a latté.

Happy November everyone. Thanksgiving is around the corner and the year is almost over.
Melancholic? Not necessarily, just curious. Much love ♥m.
Come as you are.


  1. Are those Camper's shoes I spy?


  2. Hola, Got home from working an all night exterior...
    Freezing... to a boiler-maker . I was warmed, not so much by the elixer, but by your sunny blog. Thanks!
    Jon C.

  3. Hm, what keeps me going? Friends and husband and bike rides and cats and wine and music. I haven't been re-charging much lately, though. I am looking forward to starting my new job with very reasonable hours - no more of this 10 or 11 hour work day madness.

  4. miss sarah/ ah yes, 4yrs and counting ;-)

    jon/ very nice of you as always, many thanks. drink some coffee or tea for that bloody cold weather ok!?

  5. Dottie/ YAY!! Im glad to hear about the new job. Now dont forget to visit us when you take a break, m'ok!!!

  6. Hmmm these photos are making the climate difference between your lands and my lands more apparent. I was rocking 5 layers on my ride yesterday, and my awesome floral tights almost went unnoticed under my long coat. You and your palm trees!

    What keeps me going is how wonderful cycling feels!

  7. very nice!

    my boys, my hyggelig place, acceptance of my present, and dreams of my future...

  8. filigree/ thats awesome!! layer master, &I know - those palm trees are meh ;) Thanks for the nice thoughts, we can globally relate that no matter the weather, it is wonderful!

    sig/ beautiful!! &hyggeling, love that word - thanks for sharing ♥

  9. i have to say: i love your blog. i'm currently living abroad in a city where cycling would be say the least! so whenever i need a little reminder of home (and the bikes/boys/coffee/clothes alla) i hop on over to your blog. muchas gracias!

  10. What keeps me going: good question. bicycles, star trek, nice blogs like yours.


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