Friday, November 13, 2009

Over The Hills & Far Away.

With love from the Golden State, the girls + i.
Folsom street basket shine.
Folsom street basket shine.
Hi Reesie
Hi Reesie. Lovely!
Shooting the world.
KT. Shooting the world.
Double winks.
Double winks is the new standard.
Lisa Marie is gonna have a kick out of this picture, (-"I knew I closed my eyes!!") but I love it!!
Florida palms
Florida palms on florida street.


  1. I just read, "Actually, there was no real pattern to her bell ringing. I think she just likes ringing her bell. Which is cool." on C.Cycle Chic.

    Big, big smile from Seattle. :D

    Keep it up, Meli!

    RJ @ An Adventure

  2. Lovely :)

    I would like to know how you and the other ladies carry your cameras. I've been hauling my new DSLR around in a large camera bag slung over me messenger-style. Otherwise, I have to strap it down in my front basket. Either option is not very convenient.

  3. Dottie/ I have a point-shoot that pretty much fits anywhere. no sweat.

    I think we all do have p&s and dont have any SLRs that I know of(?) no big stuff -so it fits in sidepocket, camera little carrying thing at the hip, or in Adrienne's case she has a neck strap handy accessory ;D

  4. Hey lovely Meli, I hope U are well. I want to take up bike riding one day especially becuz u make it look so cool really btw I will be posting my anticipated Lagelle hat giveaway on my blog tomorrow.


  5. So sorry to have missed you all! Boo hoo to work and failed technology!!!☹ There will be a next time, and I look forward to it! Cheers to less work and more play!

  6. lagelle/ oh, Il be checkin it out my pretty ;)

    Sigrid/ no worries love, Im glad to hear work is good. MSP-SF MSP-SF soon, I can see it!!


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