Monday, November 9, 2009

Recreational bike nation caffeination.

I'm very flattered - Thanks so much for reading everybody!! :D
My little blog is featured in the new NYT blog on the block: Bay Area Blog | The New York Times under Recreation. Awesometastic!!

Also in the SFBC you can find the caffeination of B&TCity, as well as Adrienne's & I (&Caryl, our LA correspondent) Change Your Life. Ride a Bike! They have mentioned both blogs under their link page for Bicycle Blogs and Magazines»
Don't forget to check the rest of the local flavor. Pretty nice blogs there!!


  1. nytimes, eh? i think its a sign for you to give the right coast a personal visit... :)


  2. thanks san ;-)

    calitexican/ now you talkin... they got any good cow-fee ova there?! eh!!

  3. bicoastal Meli!!! The NYT readers are going to be so much cooler, caffeinated, and well-dressed with you in their midst. And of course don't forget the NY (and SF) boys. Congratulations, Meli.

  4. Oh many thanks darling, as always great to hear from you :D


with coffee in hand, sincere thanks for your readership ×