Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Butter night.

page st.
[sep 2nd] Page st.

First week of December and the weather is beautiful. Full moon, crisp skies and bikes. I won't be able to make it tonite, but if you are looking for a midweek mind detox, you know where to find the butterized solution. These are some unposted shots from the last few weeks. Cheers!

At Ferry bldg.
[nov 18th] Start/ At Ferry bldg.
dark knights
[nov 18th] dark knights /in the middle of the presidio
[nov 4th] Moonchildren
[nov 4th] Pause /At legion of honor
Wait for it.
[nov 4th] Wait for it /Clement st
golden gate park
[sep 2nd] golden gate park
Are we last again?!
[nov 4th] Are we last again?! /We were actually first, ride took a little detour
Invisiblez beer. youz doin it rite
[nov 4th] Invisiblez beer. youz doin it rite
/David and Spencer at Benders - Cheers!
------ The end ------
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  1. looks like great riding weather... I'M SO JEALOUS.

  2. yes. come to sf my friend. arent you due to visit soon? ;-)


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