Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Humpday inspiration: Hellsyea in my backyard.

Marin, birthplace of the klunkers and dirt and mud and kings of the hillz, otherwise known as Mt. Bikes. This is a rad video of a cool local guy from Novato making something rad happen and opening it to everybody. I wanna go soon.
Check this out:

Further quick read/article here:, Johnny Moseley, Mark Weir and a pump track


  1. Weir is a MONSTER. A buddy of mine was trying to keep up with him at the Appetite Seminar this year going down Repack. Weir glanced over at full speed, pulled a manual for about 50 feet, and took off in a cloud of dust. Sweet.
    Take care,
    Billy Savage

  2. Great to see Novato homeboy Mark Weir getting some props. Kudos

  3. That pump track looks awesome, deceptive, like you could pull into one of those sharp turns and get whipped around much faster than you expect, then right into the next one, non-stop. Must try.

  4. thanks for your comments boys - now lets go ride it!!


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