Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo del dia: Pilates.

Frame pilates
Mission Cliffs on harrison
San Francisco, where the bikes do pilates at the racks while waiting for their owners at the rock climbing gym.
Almost as if they were yogi bikes :D


  1. Great control of the lighting, dark up close, light farther out. My bike does zazen while it waits for me. What is the sound of one pedal turning?

  2. I wonder what style yoga bicycles prefer

  3. What a great photo!! I'm new to your site and I think it's just beautiful! I'm your newest (220!!) follower! So glad I found you. Cheers!

  4. thx cameron :D

    JRA/ sounds like rideeeeeeeeeee

    velouria/ the tree LOL

    Anything fits a naked man/ oh i love your user name!! It is great to hear that-thx +welcome, lovely to have you!!


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