Monday, February 8, 2010

PoCampo around the city.

front view, with an amazing backdrop :D

You might have already noticed a few additions from time to time around the basket. The cute little bag that the Frenchie has been sporting in the last few weeks is a beautiful little bag, made by the Chicago-based company PoCampo.
Many thanks to Jamie in SF (let's ride soon!!) and Maria in Chicago, for connecting with me. The fabric is a peachy nectar color tough to put up with my abrupt clunky basket and the moody weather in the city. I am not a huge rain storm fanatic, so I have not drenched the bag per se but it has kept up to foggy misty San Francisco standards.
If you troll around with me, you know I like carrying a first aid kit, coffee mug, and a ton of other stuff that Im not sure how it fits into my timbuk2 little bag, but this clutch-basket bag, is the best solution for just taking the usual needs and the camera. I don't have a fancy phone, but it has a slim compartment for that outside for easy reaching which doesn't fit my camera, but there is a small compartment inside that does. Anyways, I love the flexible use of it and it has gotten a bunch of compliments around town. What I'm also excited about is that it looks just as good on my steel beauty, my road bike the Smurfette. Which I plan to take out more now that my knee feels a whole lot better.
Anyways, here are some pictures. Cheers!

side view fit
Bag, bell, basket, bonita bici :)
Bag, bell, basket, bonita bici :)
Peek-a meowr inside
A peek inside-
lipstick, wallet, allen tool, pen, black cat coin bag & keys.
Where to next-
- - -
Where to next
I was rolling solo so I had to improvise with some tripod-esque moves on a high benches or flat surface. Not the most touristy time of the year so most people around here are running, always running working out or running off somewhere, who knows. Who needs a workout when a beautiful steel machine on wheels keeps me on check and includes many nasty steep hills which always regard you, once you get to the top –can only mean that you will get a beautiful view and get a fun downhill ride.

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  1. Meli,
    I love the little things that can unexpectedly
    make the day a little more lovely and real.
    Great pics as usual !!
    The one of you in the rain is adorable.
    Jon C

  2. That little bag is adorable! I love the easy access feature. That last photo by the Golden Gate bridge is beautiful.

  3. A lady who rides a bike, carries an allen tool :) and doesn't have a fancy phone! Above it all takes great pictures!! Are you for real?
    I see complety harmony between bridge/little bag and the red rose!

  4. I think you must be part of my Thinking Inside & Outside the bag series!! Do you want me to use this one or do you want to shoot a separate one? I'm presuming you want to do it--haha!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Very cool bike! I love the swooping curve of the middle bar. Great shots of the bridge, bike, and basket. And, O.K. nice bag as well. ;)

  6. jon/ ah thanks so much and for stopping by, as always :D

    diana/ it is quite a charming little piece -thx for dropping in!

    TOM/ ha haaa, you crack me up :DDDD
    thank you very much, that bridge is just too elegant all the time ;-)

    maryJo/ hey doll, you?! of course YOU can use my photos/links anytime. let me know if you need specifics, u got my info :D

    Mark/ that mixte is a little curvylicious piece. thanks for stopping by!

    marbo/ oh many thanks! it started to rain shortly after this :D


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