Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flowers, red, bike y Saturday night.

Saturday night.
Last Saturday. What i wore, to DWNTWN photo opening, Bay City Bombers roller derby opening night, pizza, beer and a pal of mine DJ'ed late at night.
funny how the belt mimics the red cushion things from my helmet (on basket)

In what was a fun evening, starting from home to the tenderloin, then to Kezar auditorium, back to Octavia, off to Polk street then home – I finished with about 11.5 miles throughout the night. And you are looking at it. It really isn't that hard.

Take it easy and you can wear anything.
It really isn't about what you wear or what bike you ride, once you get out there and you know your limits and comfort zone, you will find out that if you can walk with it, you can certainly ride with it. Some peeps like their fancy lycra and fast bikes. Some people like their cute shoes and little sweaters. And that is nice and all, but for city roaming there really is no rush to get to the next massive hill and the next red light, really. The more there are of us out there, slow pace city dwellers on bikes, the more normal it will become.
Just get on your bike already and go do your thing.
I'll be back
belted panda.


  1. You look fantastic - great dress.

    And I like your philosophy on clothing and riding here too.

  2. ++slow pace city dwellers on bikes! Put on something comfortable, go for a ride, don't worry about the miles or speed, just have fun.

  3. Rad outfit! I love roller derby! (In my next life I'm Conanita O'Brawler, and my helmet has an orange bouffant.) :)

  4. What a great philosophy. In DC, riding my bike leisurely and as actual transportation (both an end in itself and a means to an end) helped me learn my new city more intimately. When I first moved here and in the winter snow, I spent so much time underground on the Metros that I forgot to know my city above ground. A bike is the perfect exploration tool!

  5. 1. great philosophy
    2. rad outfit
    3. i really enjoy your blog + would love to
    meet you for a ride! sadly, last week i got into a bike
    accident at church/market + ended up
    breaking my wrist--won't be back on the saddle
    for 8 weeks, but would love to link then*

  6. lady vélo/ why many thanks my lady ;-)

    JRA/ yup yup :D

    ms.elle/ oh you know it - we'd def. be your official cheer squad then!! <3

    erica/ that is awesome! thanks for sharing, a few rare of my friends do have a certain affinity with buses... *sigh. yes bikes are the best cure for when one gets the exploratory crazies -thx much for stopping by!!

    roya/ oh shit- hope your wrist gets well soon!! and thanks for such sweet notes, +hellz yeaah, let's meet up then!! xo.m

  7. Meligrosa,

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    A little sanity in our world is always welcome.

    A.K.A. Old Dude.

  8. Great prints and that belt - swoon.

  9. oh thanks Old Dude!
    always nice to hear from ya! ;-)

    dottie/ gracias lovely!


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