Friday, April 9, 2010


To add to my uber procastination of updating any blog roll stuff, as usual here is a list of a few recent, and some not so recent bloggy friends. I'm a fan :D

San Francisco
Kenneth's Rants and Other Things

El Tejano and I met for a second somewhere in the Divis corridor. I like his writings and rants since back when I discovered his blog, and it doesn't hurt knowing that I'm not the only illy fan left in the city - rad!

Dawn Andres

She was hit by a truck last year, recovered and overcame the horrible incident, she dances gracefully with bikes and is a graphic designer. I love reading her occasional posts and thought we have crossed paths, we have yet to meet.

Santa Barbara
Space Rider Gal

She loves coffee and rides bikes. I love her already, we must meet soon!! Santa Barbara and bike by the sea are calling my name :D

Claremont, Calif.
The Claremont Cyclist

From around the sunny Southern end of our state, comes a sunny bike blog. Cheers!

Jacksonville FL
Via Velo

Meet Hayley and her beautiful white bike. I love reading her adventures out in Florida, keep going, soon you will ride with more company!

North Balitmore
North Baltimore Bike Brigade

This collective has a nice blog going on, they do plenty of organized rides - plus I have a thing with bloggers and moleskin talk and black cats (Abby's). I'm sold.


She talks about women issues in the bicycle industry, women clothing, bikes and she rides fast, wears sidis and I like her.

Hungry, Hammered and Home

Stacey's take on food and other things: "i'll make you dinner and then party till i puke." enuff said sister.

Athens Cycle Flick

Antonis shoots around Greece and is a flickr and blog friend for sometime, I always enjoy his positiveness around his posts – and his wife rides a LOVELY motobecane! :D

Vélo-city girl

Meet this sassy pretty lady from East London & her bike, Frankie. love it!!

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more next week...


  1. Thank you so much for the link and mention! That means quite a lot, as your blog is one of the most inspiring I've come across since starting to ride!

    Loving the other links posted to - will check them out!

    Lady Vélo x

  2. Gracias! What an honor! I love your blog and reading it got me started to do my own!

    Please ven a Santa Barbara para el evento del 6 de Mayo. I promise good coffee!!

  3. Whoa! Gracías for the link.
    I guess I'd better start posting more.

  4. hey,

    thanks for the link love! it's always great to see other female cyclist bloggers...and i'm adding a bunch of these links to my own blogroll!

    thanks again, and i <3 your site :)

  5. thank you so much Meli for the link

  6. Hey, thanks for the recognition, and for the list of other cool blogs as well; I always like to see what sort of fun things my fellow riders/writers are up to.

  7. Oh! thank you for the mention!! But most of all, thanks for mentioning all those other great blogs--! Fantastic!

  8. My fellow Santa Barbaran, Space Rider Gal, is awesome!

    Can I echo: Please ven a Santa Barbara para el evento del 6 de Mayo. ;)

    Thanks for bringing us all together.

  9. Thanks for the props, from Baltimore! If you're ever in our neck of the woods, drop us a line! :)

  10. So much new stuff to look at - thanks!

  11. thanks linking to my blog Meli! I love your blog and am honored to be included.

  12. whoa, thanks for the link, man! totally surprised. great blog, too. always stoked to see other female riders. you're added to blog roll!


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