Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday! & meanwhile at flora grubb.

My friend Yuki sent me this photo via his phone. Flora Grubb in the Bayview district is a lovely nursery off of 3rd &Jerrold and it has been a personal fave stop every few months, but there is always a huge smile in my face when pals send me pics of bikes around the city – especially when there is coffee within the vicinity (there is a little Ritual Roasters kiosk there) *super*

I will be doing plenty of bike riding and coffee sipping today, TGIF
Have a lovely one! ♥Cheers


  1. Are those the new Honjo Moss Fenders I've read about? They look even nicer than I hoped!

  2. andy k/ it makes everybody happy

    velouria / je jeee i could totally see you rocking those! :D


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