Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo del dia: "hi meliiiiiiiii"

"hi matttttttt"
"Hi meliiiiiii"

Somedays. Sometimes. Somehow my camera is on, in my hands, ready to go. Love it when this happens. Matt is an awesome SF bike advocate/volunteer/good people. His great energy is captured here, in a split second of bikeyness on Divisadero.


  1. Love it! My favorite way to run into my friends is on bikes.... :) Such a happy moment!

  2. You should check out this website:
    The author is going on a bicycle tour across the west coast. And Flatmancrooked, the book's publisher, is buying carbon credits to offset any emissions created during the tour, which is why this is the Zero Emissions Book.
    The craziest thing about this book is that the covers are made of seed paper that, upon burial, germinate and grow into spruce trees. That’s right! This book offsets its own carbon footprint 10X over.
    Check it out! Just in time for Earth Week.


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