Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking down is looking good.

smile maker
smile maker / on Haight near Scott

Have you noticed all the new racks? Any of them that are you now using frequently? They are popping out everywhere, I have personally very much appreciated the ones near the divis corridor and recently around the church/market area, and although we can *always* use way more, the ones that have sprung out in the last few weeks are great - they are an improvement in the right direction. Here is a link from the MTA site for more information: Bicycle Rack Location Guidelines.
Let's keep them coming!

Also a reminder that if you remember to skip and go around a pothole on your everyday route, you've got to call it in! April is the month of the "Turn 'Em In" and find more information on the SF Bike Coalition's page: Good Roads Campaign

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  1. I've been loving the new racks in front of the Embarcadero YMCA!

    More deets on the Church ones from Streetsblog today:


  2. i love the U-lock cozzie! so cute!

  3. tamagosan/ iknow rite?!?! keep'em coming :D

    eva/ steals the show ;-)


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