Monday, April 19, 2010

Charming little pieces from the mailbox.

I'd like to say thanks to all my super bloggy friends for sharing such cool stuff via email. Here are some of the recent little surprises that have made me smile big in the last few days or so -♥cheers!!

••Meet TSH's new awesome mixte, a birthday present from her hubby:

t spoon of sunshine: say hello...

••Ramona tipped me about this fabulous image on flickr, the Frenchie should really carry a permanent sign like this, really

I choose caffeine by sonofabike on Flickr

•• Jon has sent this deliscious photo, similar to the daily fuel of the meligrosaverse. Me likes, me likes

••Meet Chaz. Dapper young man from NYC. He sent me a few photos showing off the strida bike he loves so much. Looking good!

He asked me, how do you bloggers meet other bloggers and such bloggy things. I say, things sometimes just happen and we all end up meeting each other eventually. I am quite lucky to have met so many beautiful friends here in San Francisco, you know ;-)

••• Have a great beginning of the week everybody! •••


  1. It was actually HIS birthday, but he still got ME a present! Talk about a man in love...ha!


  2. yes! is that not what I typed?! je jee so adorable makes me smile everytime i see that picture :D
    cant wait to see your new awesome adventures with it - do share!


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