Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Specs is one of my fave local bars in the city, and I also love borrowing specs from my fellow bloggy friends and wear them. Ade, James, Calitexican and I met up with a bike bloggy friend of ours from the Southern end of our state - Esteban, for some caffeination session when he was in town visiting a couple of weeks ago. Great to have you!! Here are some silly 4-eyed pictures.

His specs
le calitexican took this -thx
iSEEES you
i love this!!


  1. Specks / Glasses rule... but then again, I'm biased as I've been wearing them since I was 9 years old :)

    His frames are very retro and cool - suite both of your faces :)

  2. What a fun afternoon! I may be wandering around your way on Saturday. I'll let you know.

    I'll have my specs with me, as they help me see! moscots.com

  3. Don't you get a headache wearing someone else's glasses?

  4. people get headaches when wearing my glasses. very few people have worse eyesight than me... :(

  5. lady velo/ gotta love nice sturdy frames, only certain guys can pull them off quite nicely :D

    E/ super, thanks for the link, i kept thinking it was somthing like 'mosca' LOL - see you soon, cafesito or wat!?

    getinlost/ jaa well is not like im gonna wear them for hours silly!a photo op with my peeps is anytime now ;-)

    ctx/ mis ojitossssssss. ts tsss

  6. Never made it to the Bay. SD always wants me to stay home. End of June, I'm up there.


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