Saturday, April 24, 2010

With love from: Vietnam


I am very happy to announce a first guest blog post series, from a fellow San Franciscan photog - the lovely Mai /fashionist/ during her travels in Asia. We have followed our blogs for quite awhile, and finally met briefly last summer.
There will be a few guest posts featured here on Saturdays with her beautiful photos and writings from Vietnam, drop by and say hello -and- welcome Mai!! have a great vacation ♥

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Vietnam /part one
Story, and photography by Mai

Vietnam's Bicycle culture is inherent to its identity. Without the
bike, transportation and commerce in Vietnam would be severely
hobbled. Relatively flat terrain means bikes (and its cousins) are
part of the machinery that drive life here. Because of that, bikes are
used until they no longer can function. Making their everywhere and
everyday presence sort of beautiful.

Fun fact about the population of Vietnam's bikes? They're mostly
step-thru, but both men and women ride them equally.
One of my favorite places to swim and walk around in Vietnam is Con Dao (Con Son), a
southern island once used as a prison by the colonial French and later
a prison used by the South Vietnamese Army.
Con Dao (Con Son) has been host to the best swimming of my life. I
describe it as the feeling of swimming in a fish tank. In between
swimming and eating, I took pictures of bikes.

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  1. Love the photos, post some from the swimming!

  2. I look forward to more from this series. Tell Mai to take here time and unfold the story in its own way.

  3. this is a great idea! The photos make me feel as if I am there...excited to see more of this guest series!


  4. thanks meli! i appreciate you editing the set and letting me share these with your readers on your fantastic blog.

  5. Great pictures, I add your blog to mi blogroll, regards

  6. Just discovered this blog through Mai’s link @Fashionist; love it! I’m a big fan of bikes too, specially in Asian cities, where its very common to find vintage, run-down and unique models, that have a very romantic feel to them. I created a flickr set specially for this while I lived in China: , you might enjoy having a look at some of them…from one bike lover to another :)

  7. Wow! I love these colorful photos. My parents met in Saigon before the war so I grew up hearing the most wonderful stories of their time there. My mom was in her mid twenties and except for 6 months in DC and a visit to California had been outside Oklahoma. I'll have to ask my mom if she had a bicycle to pedal to the outdoor markets. She would have been very cycle chic.


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