Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bits y pieces.

A few of the recent little meaningful things going on my much neglected Italian steel beauty, the smurfette. And other things. ♥Muchas gracias!!

•• Here is the saddle bag, a cute little gift by Stephen, to match my skull calaca style. Swoon.
calaca coja y sin boca.
- - -
•• A new freewheel. After hurting my knee a tad late last year, it is getting a ton of love and caring withouth spoiling it, becuase there are roads to explore. I'd like to see you riding on the gears I was... I'm *very* happy to let them go.
"...to help save your knees for the future."
•• Many years ago I took the torpado for a tune up. Was returned sans quick release - "Oh you didn't have that on there" – That shop & the specific cheesy boy get NO LOVE from me. And guess who is back:
Nice to see you again.
Got this for my birthday last year. Will now be roaming with me.
-Grazie mile Eric!!-
- - -
•• Also for my bday. Chan clan luvz
flor de seis


  1. Do you know exactly what is the "Madonna del Ghisallo"? If you don't, you must know she is the protector of cyclists. Many bicycle competitors (Coppi, Bartali, Indurain, ...) offered to thank her in the church ex-votos.

  2. si carino. european bicycle history is quite fascinating. thanks for the sweet notes, as always ;-)


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