Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good morning.

Good morning

07:10 AM - San Francisco, Califas.
Weather: mid 50°s

Riders: about one every other block. Lycra and bright yellow jackets seems to be quite popular before 8AM. That has never bothered me.
Smells: Delivery truck idling fumes. Cigarette smoke near one of the bus stop. Some bleach. I hear some cumbias coming out of the corner shop with a guy wearing an A's hat and a white apron, he hoses the same thick green connect-four like mats every morning.
Colors: The market fruits don't really look appetizing at all before noon, they are perfectly stacked and don't look perfect - a good sign. Oranges and grapefruit are predominant.
Often there are some watermelons or papayas on display, whatever big round things are seasonal, split in half and ready to take center stage by noon. I pass by the market's sidewalk and I get the usual "Buenos días" from a very nice older man with round cheeks, or two of the unloading guys that remind me of heckle and jeckle. Especially if those two are already taking a smoke break, I get a flirty "tsssssssss hola chica" then the good morning.

Thoughts: I can't really think much before 8AM. My mind works like a tonka-truck forklift. Forward. On one slow speed. Avoid random people pushing shopping carts near Post Street. Pedal on. and sip. And I better not get a flat because I will flip.
Other mechanical issues can come after that first sip of coffee, weather I decide to stop at a local coffee spot or bring along some french press dose from home. And I think I forgot my phone, again.

Mornings. Thank god for sunglasses.
7:10 AM


  1. Coffee, chrome, and sun. A perfect morning!

  2. Ah yes, early morning in San Francisco -- nothing is finer than that!

    And thanks, because you've just planted an idea in my head -- maybe I should get a bicycle so I can pedal around the city instead of putting so many miles on my shoes. I don't know why I didn't thought of this sooner. Thanks...

  3. Meli,
    I think there is a funny comraderie between people
    on the street whom are up and out really early
    in the morning. Thanks for the morning muse.
    Jon C

  4. Meli

    First, let me say that your blog is one of the highlights of my morning - but what spurred me to put fingertip to keyboard this morning was your comment on smells - one of the things that I love about commuting on my bike is how much I am in the environment - especially the smells. The smell of coffee as I go past the coffee shop - of fried food past some restaurants, of doughnuts as I go past the police station, of roadkill, etc. It helps to remind me of what it is to be alive before I arrive at my desk and read your blog while pretending to work.

  5. What a beautiful way to start the day! I love these early AM photos... I wish I could get up earlier to watch the sun come up and enjoy the brisk air... love it!

  6. Hi Meli,

    Love these photos in the soft glow of the morning.

  7. Lovely. Sunglasses are indeed proving essential this time of year.

  8. donald/ well, keep me posted on how it goes - the joys of discovering the city by bike is *awesome*
    Also remember that every Sunday the GGP is closed for vehicles so you can roam around, and Sunday Streets are always super fun!!

    jon/ you are pretty spot on. there is. i have being turned off by guys my age who cant seem to *wake* up before 10am - eeeewww :D

    Mark/ yes and some of them straight up slap you in the face because they are extremely good or foul! and coffee smells, just plain motivation :D
    thanks so much for the nice note. And you can also check out a small story I worte for Julie (a local photog) w/plenty of smells included: ilivehereSF

    Beth/ thanks luv!! i blame it on having a quite acute problem on caffeine. i go to sleep late, i wake up early. i luvvit for the time being. xxox-

    mai/ :D muchos thanks

    dottie/ i'd wear 3 pairs at once if i could.... -good morning everybodyyy- LOL


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