Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Bike to Work Day!!

Bikes, bikes, bikes. Go and ride.


How has your day been so far? Meet any new people? Did you get any AM goodies and snacks? Today Thursday, there will probably be 5x the bike traffic :D

+later in the afternoon, come celebrate, chill out at the Rickshaw Stop from 6-10PM, my girl Gwendolyn Lee is putting a smashing show together for the evening: Bike Fashion Show » Begins at 8PM.

♥And most importantly asides all the events, stations and what not, don't forget to have fun!!!
triple troubles
- triple troubles. run -
Calitexican, the super cutie in blue, wrote a very sweet BTWD post at our collab blog
(the 3 of us above +1) at Change Your Life. Ride a Bike!


  1. There is no Bike to Work day here this year :( but I was out there roaming the street, commuting to work in my teal tights ;) loved it! xoxo

  2. This morning it was great to see so many people out and about!
    Scored the bag and actually took your oft-repeated mantra (is that redundant?) of SLOW DOWN. I had a lot of time to meet my buddy at a certain point in my route and I gotta saw that it was nice not to rush every block and stress about making the light. I have been told that it's impossible to bike with me because I just have to go as fast as possible all the time. And my bike really isn't good enough to allow major speed, so there is frustration.

    This is also the first BTWD in a few years when I haven't volunteered at the party after work or been part of a bike bus. Kinda fun to be an observer!

    So thanks for the inspiration to slow the heck down and smell the coffee! Well, I smelled a delicious illy cappuccino once I got to the office and our Olympia Express warmed up at least...

  3. And a Happy BTWD to you as well!

    Sadly I'm not gonna make Gwen's bike fashion show tonight :-( but give her and all the rest my best. Sara's working late and I have to get home for the kids.

  4. Our new motto-
    Speak no evil
    See evil through one eye
    Pick the evil out of your nose.

  5. lorenza/ and you are such a beautiful year-round embassador! baci baci :D

    tamagosan/ that is *great* to hear tamagosan!! taking your time and observing a little bit can always be quite amusing, I'm glad you have had a fun experience being a tad slower esp. when BTWD can be flooded with so many people out :D
    and that is music to my ears. illy, i'm a big fan!! ~yum~

    richard/ thats cool - familiy always first <3
    it was tons of fun, but you'll see pics soon!!

    ade/ luvvit!
    -mocos, eyeboogers y everything- YEAH!!

  6. Checkout our fab girl modeling at the Bike Away From Work Party & Fashion Show.

    Meli: Still waiting for my photos you shot...

  7. I'm trying to still keep things slow, but it's hard to not race! A lack of lube on my chain is slowing me down for the wrong reasons these days because I cannot get it together to remember to lube up when I get home!

    But I wore a dress to the office today and felt pretty spiffy biking from the gym to work! Chalk that one up to your inspiration, too...


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