Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday beats: Adventures in Nikonlands, no.1

This past week was tremendous fun. Coffee. Bikes. Fashion. Bikes. Boys. Bikes. Coffee and all things fun.
I will post all kinds of goods and photos soon, don't you worry. For Sunday, if you are like me and happen to be avoiding the drunk pirates in the halloween-in-May parade, here are some shots for your eye candy.

Part 1/3
One of my colleagues kindly let me use his Nikon D40 for a bit, and this is the result.

18th street
Baker and McAllister

another morning on valencia

Octavia st.
A book at the end of the orange rainbow.
A book at the end of the orange rainbow.


  1. Great photos! The orange theme is cool.

  2. The frame of that Baker and McAllister bike is striking. I can't make out the name on it though; do you happen to know it?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I was being a dork with my last deleted comment. I was going to say "Hey, did you notice that red frame is the same one that was at Matching Half Cafe???" Then I realized Matching Half Cafe was at the corner of Baker and McAllister...

  5. thanks dottie, and quite unintentional :D

    JRA/ thanks! seems to be a "cro mega alpinestar?" see it large here: link

    memo/ haa - yea, must be someone either lives/works there. that was more than a few days ago - he heee

  6. Love this first photo!

    My bro is moving to SF so I'll be visiting soon and often! :) :)

  7. We'll have to talk about the camera. I reaaaaaaallly want a new camera bad.


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