Friday, May 21, 2010

Ride. Ride. Fashion baby.

Happy girl
Happy girl - showtime!
Behind the scenes – Bike Fashion Show BTWD 2010
Look that way.
Almost ready

Bike to Work Day started quite early for me. This would be the first time in a number of years that I did not volunteer for any of the early morning activities, but I participated in the wonderful fashion show that took place in the evening. The SFBC and Gwendolynn fabulous Lutz and her entourage of productions, put on another successful show. The Bike Coalition's own Neal, was the fantastic voice behind the mike and he did a great job describing and adding his own sassy flavor to the whole thing.
3 cuties
3 cuties.
triple hot
triple hot.
As I reported behind the scenes last year in November from the Cow Palace for the SF bike expo [link], here is the set of photos from the backstage, because that is where the hotness was at. After luckily being able to leave work early to join this, it was all well worth it and the most fun was to be around my peeps and beautiful gals and guys that absolutely rocked the show.
and that way
Loookies lookies we got fancy hair
Lookies lookies we got fancy hair.
"And then you just pull it like this"
"And then you just adjust it like this"
-quote this photo-
and I have no idea what is going on here...
Moms know best
Mom knows best - Gwen's mom was the charming touch to it all
I made new pals and for every fashion show you need a mom, in this case, Gwen's mom was the backstage rock – she was essential to just nicely polishing everything together. I was also pretty thrilled to see many pieces made by local designers, companies and shops displaying their goods, and what better way than with real bodies that roam the bike lanes on a daily basis.
cats in hats

Needless to say the show was tremendous fun, we had a blast and I fell *in LOVE* with this jersey, but as Sarah says, it is a keeper-collector's item and it is not for sale. (posted in the previous post). I'm pretty sure everybody had a favorite piece of clothing they got to show off, dear models any comments?! :D

Anyways. Happy to have seen my friends there, hang out with my lovely ladies and guys backstage, hang out with my girls and our posses after – and everything was glitter, bikes, baskets and unicorns.
wo wooooo
- - -
♥ Kisses, THANKS to everyone that checked it out. thanks, ILUV YOUZ ♥


  1. Meli,
    Wow , looks like a fun night. Great pics!!
    Wonderful wardrobes .
    You look adorable !!
    It was fun to check this out over coffee
    this morning......Thanks
    Jon C

  2. Great pics, GF! Muchisimas gracias!

  3. Looks like SO MUCH FUNNNNN! Makes me want to move back to SF sooo badddd!!!

  4. thank you Jon :D

    KT/ of course my pretty!

    eva/ aawww - come visit soon gorgeous! maybe I'll head to LA one of these days, or months je jee


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