Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Butter up, buttercups.

YES! It's Wednesday again. These are from Wednesday May 5th. Enjoy!
May, one of my favorite buttercups in butterlap. Best smile ever!
up the hill we go
Ramona rides up those Presidio hills.
wheeeee crew
sunset crew -by the presidio

peace out cheeseburger
peace out cheesburger!! -taken by David
la di la
and then David shows off by riding with no hands. pffffft!
page st.
everybody on Page st. (at divis.)
everybody on 14th.
skirts, lycra, cordoroy, helmets, hats, baskets – we got it all.
"then we make a left when they are not looking"
"then we make a left when they are not looking"
the boys. Hugh, Eric et Nio – on Valencia st.

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  1. can't make it tonight because of two going away events of friends but i'm back in the saddle again - be there soon :)

  2. there is always karaoke if more time needed. wat a great planB!!

  3. How is Butterlap organized?

    Are there any "ride leaders" who ride toward the front or back? (is it the same route each time?)

    Or is it such a tradition that people just show up a the same/place/time and just know what do to?

    I LOVE the mix of riders that show up!

  4. hey RJ
    there are no leaders. well som ei guess but it never feels like.
    it is a 'faster' pace than my usual roam in the city, but it has built my confidence as a longer distance rider.
    also there are a few stops and for slower riders, it never feels like there is a rush-or impatient wait for them (such as myself)

    people just show up. same route everytime :D

    +yes!the mix of people is awesome. I super heart it


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